Numerology was born in Italy. With Pythagoras.

Do you know where I just took this magnificent picture? In Calabria! e More precisely in the locality of "Capo Colonna" a few steps from Crotone. 

Here's to tell the truth this place is not completely new since 31 years ago I was born (Ehm!!)

"But to deal with the well that I found you, I will tell you of the other things I have stocked. "

I didn't know that the current Cape Colonna's Promontory takes its name from a single column Survivor, belonging to what was a majestic temple dedicated To the goddess Hera. 

In antiquity the place was known as Lacinio Promontory, chosen for the erection of a temple visited by the Most of the populations that faced the basin of the mediterranean.

It is said that Pythagoras had approached Delphi The Oracle of the god Apollo who had predestined him the city of As the seat of his school which was therefore born at the will of the God. Crotone was suitable since it was already a city where he had Developed a scientific-medical culture and where Pythagoras, thanks to its Know, he succeeded in earning the favours of the people who ruled for much Time.
He took example from the orfic communities and the Religious sects of Egypt and Babylon, lands which, according to the Tradition he would have known on the occasion of his earlier Study trips. The school of Crotone inherited from Pythagoras the size Mystery but also the interest in mathematics, astronomy, Music and philosophy.

How not to think that the sole Not to be fed by the evocative landscape image Offered by the promontory. Interesting is that Pythagoras, man who had Much travelled and as a result known many cities, leaving themselves Behind the island of Samos, he decided to settle in Kroton.

It was perhaps not he A lover or rather a man eager to know. One of the aspects Fundamentals of the Pythagorean School was the consideration of the fact that The mistake, ignorance was considered a fault, from which one can Free through knowledge, knowledge as purification. That's what Everyone can become a philosopher, a lover of knowledge even if he is unable to Possess it completely.

You can ask yourself: It is not possible that in ancient Kroton, Pythagoras found the place Ideal for the search for such a coveted harmony? What is now Can be noted is that the famous temple has remained a trace, in remembrance Of what was, a pillar, alone, to witness the vestiges of the ancient Kroton. 

But despite all The charm of the place has not been lost.  The memory of so many centuries is Impressed in the fascination of a single column that stands out in the Sky, it is framed in a picture that is never the same.  

Single column That has resisted weathering and defraudation, a symbol of WHO He manages not to succumb to the obstacles of life. A column, Overlooking the sea, always swinging between resisting and falling, it It gives a hint of reflection on the precariousness of life, but also Invites to this is valuable that probably the visitors were bringing As a gift to the Goddess Hera, their presence testifies to the importance In antiquity was given to the Lacinius promontory, on which he was soaring Majestic the Temple of Hera Lacinia.


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