Numerology and Universe.

The basic premise on Numerology is that life and the universe in general, are part of a System sorted and that the numbers reflect this order.

Numerology is by definition sorted.

When we ask ourselves what is numerology we are faced with the same dilemma as when we ask even bigger questions: is there a meaning and an order in life?  Or is the Universe purely chaos and disorder? There
are three possible answers to this question:

  1. The universe is chaotic and random.
  2. The universe is infinitely orderly.
  3. There are both chaos and order.

Chaos is a state where there is no Order. This state implies that the universe is made up of events Random and that there are no neat laws that govern it.

We know this is false because Natural sciences such as physics, mathematics, biology, chemistry and Astronomy is all based on the predictable order of law natural.

In addition if the universe were Characterized by unpredictable events would not have a structure. To Contrary, the universe not only maintains a shape and structure, but it is Able to modify them in a precise and orderly manner.

We are continually witnesses of This process of change: the day becomes night and night becomes day;  Winter is followed by spring and summer is followed by winter; Apples grow on the apple tree and the figs grow on the That's cool. No doubt…..

The order can be seen in every aspect of existence: from the subatomic world to the world of stars and galaxies.

We can therefore erase the first possibility to our original question: The universe is regulated by order.

Universal Examples:

But is everything neat? If we look The essence of life, the world of DNA, we can observe An exceptional and mysterious sequence. DNA has An order so deep as to serve as a model for the production of Millions and millions of human beings with the same characteristics Universal: Two eyes, ten fingers, two feet, a nose etc. That two Pairs of eyes are not identical demonstrates creativity and energy Contained in the DNA structure.

The gestation and the birth of a Children are also these examples of extraordinary order: you must An egg and sperm to produce the fetus and 9 months because a baby is Fully developed and ready to be born.  

The growth system is also part Of this: We are born, we grow, we become teenagers, we pass the Puberty, we become adults, Maturiamo, we age and at some point Die. The life span is constant and stable. This happens from 2 Millions of years since humans inhabited the planet.

If we look at the stars and observe the planets there too we can see an example of great order.

In creation there is no chaos, as evidenced by all the physical sciences.

The inexplicable

Of course, each of us has made experiences that we perceive as arbitrary or random.

How can we have the awareness May our bodies be the products of a profound order, while the Our lives seem permeated by random events of which we cannot Have control?

It seems that what we have left is to say that order and chaos exist simultaneously.

But wait! Is not that our perception of how much order there is in the universe grows as we know more?

For example, only three decades ago Heart disease and cancer were seen of most of us Like random and terrible events in life. Today we believe that these Diseases are the result of daily behaviors and habits Food.

Diseases have not changed, what has changed is our level of knowledge.
Many examples of so-called "natural disasters", such as hunger, drought, global warming, are often perceived as random events. Usually the cause is usually discovered to be the ignorance of mankind. In particular, we have not had (and we do not yet) a prospect large enough to understand all the variables that come into play when we start tampering with the underlying order.
The point is that our perception of what is random continues to change as we learn more.

Meanwhile, our appreciation of an underlying order was always implied in these previously considered random events; We just didn't see the order.

Change with change.

Our growing understanding of the order also changes the way we experience space and time. We have all had unexplained experiences that fall into the category of synchrony or extrasensory perception. These experiences violate our normal perception of space and time. We think of these things as outside the ordinary, but they are really glimpses of the underlying order that our rational minds fail to comprehend and that perhaps we are not designed to understand.
However, this underlying order, which can be fully appreciated intuitively, is demonstrated by our most advanced science, quantum physics.

Like the quantum physicist Fritjof Goat indica in his book "The Tao of Physics", scientists have Now discovered a universal unity among all phenomena.

And the quantum physicist Niels Bohr has Stressed that the main consequence of these theories is that they do not We can separate any part of the material universe from the rest, without Mistakes.

The new vision of reality is a spiritual vision in its very essence.

The act of giving a name to something is not A superficial or intellectual effort, but a reflection of our Profound experience of the essence of the thing that we are nominating. Comes Out of our connexion, or our intuitive feeling of That thing.

For example, the word "storm", with Its special combination of vowels and consonants gives us a Sensation of movement and the power of an unseen force. storm. Tell him and You'il hear it.

Another example is the word "Power," which appoints something, but at the same time gives the experience Of the thing we are nominating: power!

The word "Love" embraces us gently. It gives you the experience of its meaning.

Every word, in every language, reflects Perfectly the feeling and spirit of the thing that is called By people who use that language.

Some argue that the words used To call things were originally chosen arbitrarily And then they were integrated into our inner feelings. However Our understanding of sound derives from an archetypal part and Unconscious of our being.

Is intimately linked to our Appreciation of Music; It doesn't matter if you have a different hue or if You have a perfect pace, we all have a hidden ability to Discern the music from the chaotic noise. Music is harmony and music It's inside of us.

Nature is also full of events that They taught us to associate certain qualities with sounds: of noise of a Thunder, of a river or the sound of a runaway bird.

From our innate understanding of the Music and Harmony comes the act of naming things according to the Our perception. This intuitive act is the source of our language. All languages emerge and represent the nature of the people who Use.

All this poses a unique and incredibly important fact: sound and time are both rooted in harmony and universal order.

This is the source of numerology. Each of us bears the perfect name reflecting our inner nature or being. That name is a collection of sounds, a melody that, in a very profound and perfect way, is you.

With love


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