Who are you?

How many times do we wonder who they are? What are my potentials? How can I put them into practice? Why does no one seem to understand me?

At the bottom we all know that we have enormous qualities but sometimes life and circumstances seem to block us.

Numerology is a valuable help in giving us the right directions, helps to understand us better, to free the hidden qualities.

A numerological profile can reveal infinite possibilities, let's start But with the 5 most important elements, those who have the largest Impact on your life.

Each of these numbers is derived from your full name or Date of birth and has a profound impact on the person you are today.

1-The number of the LIFE PATH:

Is the most important number of your numerological profile because it acts As a model that illustrates on what basis your life can rest. The Opportunities and challenges faced along the way are strongly Influenced by the number of the life path… Illustrates how your General character and what actions are you more inclined to choose while you Embark on the journey of life. Is derived from the numbers of your Date of birth, for example I was born on 29/01/1986, 2 + 9 + 1 + 1 + 9 + 8 + 6 = 36, 3 plus 6 is 9.  My Life Path number is 9.

2-The number of the EXPRESSION

While the number of the life path traces the lessons of life and From directions on how to manage them, the number of the expression reveals the Your natural strengths and weaknesses. Is often called The number of destiny, as it caters to your goal in life. This number is the foundation on which your life path can Prosper, reveals the talents and skills rooted in you at the time of birth.
It is derived from the numbers that correspond to the letters of your first and last name.

3-The number of the PERSONALITY

Your personality number is the first impression that people Have of you. Represents the parts of you that are more ready and willing to Reveal.
The number of the personality is derived from the only consonants of your name and surname.

4-The number of the SOUL

What are the reasons for your actions? What do you really want in life And in love? Here is where this number comes to play, illustrates the Reasons behind the choices you make in all aspects of your life, From your career to your relationships – fiery fire inside.
Is derived from the vocal sun of your name and surname, those sounds Light up the inner workings of your desires more Subconscious.

5-The number of the PSYCHE

It reveals some talent that will eventually have its place on your life path.
Corresponds to the number of the day of birth and somehow puts a mold on the person you're Today based on just one aspect that ultimately affects your Life in a great way. Just like you've been destined to be born On this specific day, you have been given a certain gift Special as a result. 

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