The number of the soul. Your heart's desire.

Before the birth, the soul of each Of us chooses an image or design that we will live on the earth. In His descent or incarnation to the soul is entrusted with a guide, a spiritual companion.

Nevertheless, by being born, we forget the design of the soul and our guide remains the bearer of our destiny. Throughout history this invisible companion has been called in many ways: genius by the Latins, guardian angel by the Christians, Daimon by the Greeks, Ka or Ba dai Egyptians. We attract good fortune when we look at the world from Perspective of the soul, which corresponds to the vision of our true Se '. From that perspective we see our best future, our Utmost wellbeing and we experience emotions of joy, gratitude and profound peace. Recognizing the image of the heart, allows us to feel good Immediately, because it aligns us with the timeless dimension of the eternal Present, the Kairos.

The soul number is an attractor Of luck because the moment we orient our thoughts In the direction of what we really want, we create an alignment Between psyche and matter. This alignment attracts synchronic events, Which are revealed as opportunities, dimensional doors that open On the realization of our desires. This process is completely Natural and is entrusted to the laws of nature, the same laws that They do beat our hearts or regulate the growth of plants. You only need to rely on creative intelligence, natural law Who cares for us.

The first step is to start believing That our evolution is part of a spontaneous process, abandoning The doubts that feed the widespread belief that it is very difficult Fulfill our dreams.

"Despite this protection Invisible we prefer to imagine ourselves thrown naked in the world, Vulnerable and completely alone. It's easier to believe in the fairy tale of self-development, heroic, than in that of a providence which we Guide, who loves us, that you find us necessary for what we have to Offer, that come to our aid in the misfortune, sometimes just At the last moment "Hillman

If we fail to indulge the Natural movement of our inner project, we live in a kind of Limbo, which is an area of shadow, an anteroom of the soul, waiting to recognize each other. It is from this dimension of oblivion that we attract the Misfortune, which manifests itself as vibrational alignment between the thoughts Negative and the circumstances that are attracted to them.

To recognize our image of the Heart, we will be inspired by the number of the soul, which tunes us With a particular archetype, which in turn describes a design Inner. In this process of recognition of who we really are, We should pay special attention to our childhood because It is precisely at this stage of life that we see the first signs of Guide to the Opera. Children often embody the impulses of their guide And they manifest spontaneous talents, specific attitudes, soon Abandoned or renegades in adult life. Sometimes parents remain Amazed by the strength with which children announce who they are and who What they want to do when they're older.

Another way to recognize the help call is Pay attention to daydreams, to Illuminations Lightning, to the improvise and seemingly insane passions that drag Our lives in an unexpected direction. Sometimes the guide It manifests itself through strange symptoms, forcing us to take care of Of a subject hitherto denied. This is how the vicissitudes of life They suspend us beyond our "comfort zone", beyond the wall Of gray everyday life, to experience what cannot be Understood by the mind, but only lived with emotions and with the heart. Transforming obstacles into opportunities, trying to seize the Hidden behind the events, helps us to understand that even the Evidence of life is part of the design of the soul and contributes to Implement it.

But how do you get the soul number?

The number of the soul is transformed into the personal data (name and surname) in numbers, according to the technique of Ghematria, and by obtaining the The sum corresponding to the vowels, reduced after a single Digit. This number describes the mission of the soul and connects us with Our deepest aspirations. This number is due to the Individual vocation, which also corresponds to our dream more Intimate, associated with being, in relation to the desires of the heart.

An example

5 1 5 5 —-> 5 + 1 + 5 + 5 = 16 — — > 1 + 6 = 7

HERMAN HESSE (number of the soul is 7)

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