Discover your numbers with the personal "numerological Mandala"

There is a sacred order in the universe, which expresses itself in everything from the smallest atom Up to the whole solar system.
Each of us is an integral part of this order, and yet we have forgotten to These "higher laws", losing contact with ourselves, and at the same time the Our balance in this universe.

"We can be at peace with ourselves,
Only if we respect the laws that have created us "

The Numerological Mandala is a powerful custom graphic representation that will give you an overview of the energies that vibrate in you!

It Is created using your first and LAST NAME and your DATE OF BIRTH.

Analyzing your MANDALA Staff, it becomes an excellent exercise to fully understand the The most important decisions, actions or events that have affected About your existence.

Each of us has a UNIQUE NUMEROLOGICAL COMBINATION That influences and, at the same time, guides every cycle of existence.

Analyze then your own numerological Mandala will be like reading a A book about us, which tells us about our history, which narrates the Our actions, describes our talents and analyses our shortcomings.

Of this is the numerology: it teaches you to take back of WHO YOU ARE, to put Together the PIECES OF THEE, who must find their space in this life, to lead you to To exsettle your POTENTIAL and your PURPOSE.

When we are in front of your Mandala, we have before us a real "Code", YOUR CODE.
Many things have been written at the moment of your birth, in which you have accomplished the "First Breath": In that exact moment the imprinting of many aspects has defined you as The one you ARE TODAY.

In This code is written your uniqueness, your challenges, your potentials, your beautiful gifts, the unfathomable mysteries of your being.

When we look at your Mandala, we entrust ourselves to the numbers, to their symbolic meaning, To "Let us lead" in a real channelling.
Much of the work that is done through reading is not mental but "Energetic".

We make channels of certain information and let them arrive to the recipient, allowing the voice to become "vehicle" of transformation and integration.

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