ECLIPSE OF The MOON: What is opening within us?

What is this eclipse of the MOON opening inside us?
at These days, we were surprised, and very much, in sharing in group Very strong physical and emotional sensations, often common, but in every case, personal.
We shared, investigated, tested, with the help of kinesiology and Radioesthesia to understand the inexplicable reasons Behind these forces that act in US.
The universe has its Laws, his order, to which we can only prostar ourselves, remaining Open, collaborating with the magic of these events.
Psychics speak more and more of this process in the act of "destructuring of the armor" that we carry inside. W
e are one.
We're all there is.
And we're all that's been.
We are still transmuted memories, wounds, conflicts, experiences
. We carry them within us, as the Earth itself brings them.
e In this spiral journey called life we recover, reconnect, We release and transform, continually, what was.
Every definition, these days, is a bland security quest.
We are not this rage, we are not that sadness, that feeling, we are not our emotions and our though
ts. We are not even our fears
. We.
Everything is flowing, everythi
ng is transforming. To us the task of allowing, to assist, this evolution, this natural t
ransmutation. And then I wonder: if we could stop and contemplate, in the sile
nce of the soul? What if we could close our eyes and see what rea
lly happens? What inner cages are opening now, for me and fo
r you? Whatever they are, we're ready to let them go.

E. V.

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