Your Way of life

We have a code, in particular, that distinguishes us as uniq
ue individuals.

This code is given by the day we were born.
A day that you have chosen, conscious or not, before birth.
This code says a lot about you. It is a precise moment in time, which arises within 3 cycles Main Universal:
The 24-hour daily cycle;
The 30-day monthly cycle;
The 12-month annual cycle;
You are an exact instant–an arrow shot in a moment Very precise within these cycles.
The numbers are the means available to define this precise "Alignment".
Only at that moment could you define yourself as "yourself".
At that exact moment you were born, carrying a "unique key," which No one else owns.
The number of the way of life is considered, among all, the most Important in numerology. Because its task is to define that alignment.. The "Where Are you Going, "The DIRECTION you have chosen to tread in this life, a Non-editable direction.
Whether you want it or not, you attract certain situations in your life, Certain challenges And you will have precise resources available.
It is also called the number of destiny: Identifies a certain type of path and "arrival to destination".
Unfortunately, it is not a walk, but rather, a mountain to climb: Getting to the top involves obstacles and lessons to learn.
Every situation we encounter is not accidental, we need to develop the Aptitude and talents required.
And thanks to them, the top will not remain untouched: and this and what That you're here to be.
You were already, actually, before you came back here, but now you have the opportunity to INTEGRATING the Divine with the human.

-Do you want to know your WAY OF LIFE and its meaning? -Do
you want to know your DIRECTION?

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