Our true nature

“Joy is our real primary emotion” Ha
rville Hendrix

This statement He gave birth in me a question about the conviction that for many of We life is hard, that we should work hard and be Stressed in order to “count” and that we do not deserve to be always Happy, that joy is reserved for weekends and holidays.. That
happiness is a luxury! Wh

at if it’s the other

way around? What if we could live life in our natural state of joy for most of the time just because we woke up? Wh
y do we breathe..
Because “we are
” because “I

am” for me is to be pr
esent. Be intuitively aware of my senses. See the extraordinary in the ordinary.

Yes Comes to connect with who you are right now, notice the Wind Among the trees, hear the message in the silence, be present in the Space between the seconds.

Imagine if we all experienced our real primary emotion every day.
I think this is what we all fight for.
That Whether it’s yoga, art, relationships, nutrition, travel, books, etc. … Imagine if without all these things that bring us joy, without External resources We could connect to ourselves and others..

This is connection.
Connection with it and connection with others.

To feel alive and connect with what they want to offer, who we are with.

Being in the present moment brings us to our natural state of joy.


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