The moment is now

The time is now.
It’s time to rekindle your light.
Reclaim your wisdom.
Express your truth. Act with integrity. Teach what you know to be true.
Love unconditionally….
Fly as high as the moon and stars as you are deep rooted to this earth!
Let your bright light shine like the sun…
Dance in the rain and rejoice in the darkness to allow the light to flood the cracks.

It’s time to meet you.
Go within yourself, love what you see and accept what hinders your greatness.

Is Time to have compassion for yourself so you can direct That love for your brothers, sisters, plants, bodies of water, Earth and air.

It’s time to live your life with integrity. to align The truth of your spirit with your daily actions. Marry these Two worlds to bring back the light. Refine your language Spiritual to find the truth and create new ways that have never Dared to prove himself.

Start with you.

When We find peace, love and compassion when we can connect with the Our truth, our light and our heart, then and only then We can transfer that pure, dedicated and passionate light into the world.
But start first in your universe.

We must go every day to our interiority to connect with the source.
To remind us who we are in our essence.
Not what we were told.
Not the name we’re called with.
Not the labels we adopted.
But the true essence, that divine energy that turbine magnificently within you.
The one that guides us and points us to the way.

And Then we can open our eyes and see clearly, see through The misty illusions and clouds in which our mortal bodies come Absorbe
d. We can become aware of hidden paths, gems Invisible so deep in ourselves and in this planet that We will raise our vibration and vibration of our families, Children, communities, tribes, neighbors, states, countries, world, planet and Universe. The domino effect is exponential

. It all starts in each of us.
The Power of light that we have never ends and it is our Responsibility to activate it by honing it, connecting with it and Communicating admiring with gratitude and appreciation the Divine Light which We.
I invite you to close your eyes.
Go inside. Liste
n to the whispers.
Play with Visions.
Let go of what is not useful to you and to the good of this planet.
Immerse yourself in the compassion that leads to love.
Because the time is now, and it always has been.

May love cross Your Path

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