“I express my Uniqueness”

Number 1 is the ringleader of numbers.

Is The first of the numbers manifested, originates from the zero that contains all The potential. The one has for us the function of a lighthouse that with the His light guides us and invites us to advance on our journey and to Continue on our path of personal rebirth.

Being fused with the higher energies, it makes sure that from this fusion emerge all the following numbers.

The one is the number of the new beginning, of the new life, of the new ways of doing things.

Can Represent new opportunities that will be expected, the birth of New goals, and also indicates the destruction of old patterns of Thought obsolete.

It’s the renewal number.

Corresponds to the Sun Which is the symbol of the creator principle and the origin. In addition to Representing the beginning of everything is the figure of creativity.

Usually The one is the number of heads of state, leaders, those who tend to To dominate a group or to be the guardian of “Guru”. After all, they are Solitary, though they hardly manage to stand by themselves; That’s why Who love to surround themselves with a “court”.

For Socrates, Plato and Pythagoras is the symbol of the divine principle of identity.

The significance of number 1 in numerology


The number 1 is the single principle, the origin of all things. According to the Hebrew Kabbalah, which studies the mysteries of the Torah (the Hebrew Bible), there are numerous correspondences between numbers, letters and realities. Through the insights of Ghematria (the interpretative instrument of the Torah), we can discover many different levels of meaning, for our figures.

The 22 letters of the Hebrew alphabet have, each, a numerical value, a corresponding sound and a specific type of energy.

The number 1 is associated with the letter Aleph (א). In This case, it represents the man, the first creature sprung from God; It represents the will, the perfect action.

Let us see, then, that the essential aspect of the one, after zero, which we will talk about on another occasion, is the underlying unity of all creation.
It is the first “prime number”, i.e. it belongs to that category of digits that are divisible only by themselves. The one is the bearer of new cycles, of new ideas, it is the courage and the mastery that unite to manifest itself in the actions we accomplish.

Pythagoras, stated that the numbers from 1 to 9, divided into groups, are symbols of different energies:

9 and 8 form emotional Energy 7
, 6 and 5 form intuitive Energy
4, 3, 2 and 1 form mental energy

And so the 1 appears in the group that represents the mental energy.
This means that it is the thought that creates our reality. You will undoubtedly hear about the “Law of Attraction”. Well, the one encloses the root of thought and action that, united, create reality.
To understand more deeply the true significance of numbers, we will also explore their esoteric significance.

If we search the dictionary for the word “esoteric”, we will find that It comes from the Greek ESÔTERIKÔS whose root is ESÔTERÔS which It means “interior”. Thus, Esoterics, were called the Disciples of Allowed inside the school, where they could see the The philosopher and attend to his lectures; In contrast to the external They were called ESSOTÈRICI by the Greek EXÔTERICÔS who did not They had passed the rigid selection to access the studios.

The number one, for its characteristics of action, of principle Creative, has always been associated with the sun in the astrological sense. See As these correspondences are also present for the other digits. The Travel in the world of numbers has just begun.

The archetype related to it is the warrior.


Independence, action, leadership, goals, courage, invention, decisions, strategy, new beginnings.

Way of Life 1

“I express my Uniqueness”

The myth of the Warrior incites independence, in reference to individual resources. It will be necessary to accept that the world is a battlefield and that self-respect and self-esteem are the primary values.

The 1 must learn to delimit its territory, proudly stating its uniqueness. Warrior is the one who has the courage to choose a way and that dares to cross it, rising up after every failure, without caring about the opinion of others.
A journey of life 1 cyclically leads to radical changes.

“A Warrior of light does not refer his decisions… W
hen it starts it goes to the end. ‘
Paul Cohelo


second Jung The mythical figure of the hero embodies the birth of individuality, That prevails over the undifferentiated aspect of the collective psyche. The Warrior, adorned with solar attributes, represents the momentum Evolution of being, which following the trajectory of light, fights the Monsters of Chaos and perversion. The monster symbolizes the appearance Obscure of the unconscious, threatening to annihilate the conscience Individual, by integrating it.

In First stage of detection the warrior is the same archetype Of the ego, which in its necessity to form renounced its belonging to the whole.  Proceeding gradually on the path of detection, the Warrior has the task of “illuminating The unconscious, “recognizing in the Dragon his own shadow which conceals and It preserves the treasures of the self.

The The hero’s ultimate goal is the integration of the contents of the Collective psyche, without excluding the individual psyche (i).

In Greek mythology Apollo embodies the energy of the hero who dominates the chaos and matter. Zeus’s favorite archer, Apollo is associated with the sun and is Called “Alexìkakos”, the one who pulls away the evil. With his formidable Arch killed the Beast of Delphi that terred the region, and its Purifying influence also extended to flocks and men, Protecting seeds and cultures by moving away mice, snakes and grasshoppers. The Apollo’s domain includes the order, intellect and mind and is Complementary to that of Dionysus, who governs the instinct, the excesses and The collective catharsi.

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