“There is infinite wisdom whitin Me”

The nine is a complex figure. It can be called a kind of very sensitive “spiritual radar”. It stores data from the past, the eight numbers that preceded it, integrates it and sends it to the future, to other worlds. The nine presents itself, algebraically, as the triple expression of the three.

Triple Expansion within which the three transmutes its sensibility Artistic and its communication skills, in spiritual inspiration, Subtle creativity and ability to relate to the non-manifest, With the depths of the upper worlds. In fact, the nine allows the three Access to a universal dimension, a dimension that the It allows you to capture the messages of suffering and Despair that come from human beings. Number of nature Altruistic and humanitarian vocation, is always ready to start Defense of the weak or to launch themselves to the aid of the most disinhered.

Unconventional He loves to open the way to other visions, to other ways of thinking. It is for This he proposes to overcome the limits recognized as such and to Look farther, beyond the already beaten paths, of the Rigid and coarse conditionings of certain sociocultural environments. Thus, this intuitive precursor, this essay, is distinguished from the Melee and his “winged soul” pushes him upward, towards the spheres Cosmic.

The His messages speak of serenity, of greatness of soul, of quality of being and that true freedom that is not used except when We need to be reborn cyclically. In fact, the nine, invites a “Descaling of Conscience”, to an inner cleansing.

In Its universality, absorbs all the numbers that preceded it, one For one, on the path of evolution. In this way he turns and Allows the transmutation of the other, of a hypothetical disciple, Elevating its vibrations so that they can align themselves to a level Transpersonal that allows the overcoming of self-imposed limits.

Is A kind of “guardian of the threshold” that helps to pass on another Plan of evolution, towards another dimension of being.

Corresponds To Mars, Lord of War and strength. Is the ritual digit (3×3 = 9) which, by the addition of the three, becomes twelve, the total perfection. Indicates the fullness of Yang. Symbol of the arts (the Nine Muses), is Endowed with firm will.

The significance of number 9 in numerology


Symbol of the moon and of Hecate, it is related to the descent of the energy in the matter. In addition to representing the full cycle of transmutation, it is the expression of judgement in the instant of death.
Astrologically corresponds to Mars, Lord of War and force and is therefore fully defined yang. A subject with birth number nine denotes passion, impulsiveness and Ferra will.

The connotations of the nine are, from the moral point of view, integrity and wisdom. These are the values that a nine evolved transmits outside: The nine guide and inspire with their example.

The life purpose of the nine, requires from them a conduct by high standards. Being deep and charismatic, they often find themselves holding positions of leadership.

Archetype: The Liberator

Key Words: Brotherhood, compassion, forgiveness, fulfillment, initiation, idealism, creativity, inspiration, intuition, culture, understanding, power, passion.

Way of Life 9

“There is infinite wisdom in Me”

The 9th, as a synthesis of the previous numbers, represents the collective consciousness and identifies itself in an altruistic and compassionate personality, always available to support projects and initiatives that promote collective wellbeing. In harmony with the myth of Orpheus depicting the inspired singer, the 9 has a great fascination with its environment and thanks to its refined theatrical vein, it is a natural pole of attraction.

The Number 9 is in harmony with the cosmic laws and tunes the individual On the higher planes of consciousness requiring love Unconditional, detachment and awareness. 9 Features large Spirits of mankind who have overtook the narrow confines of the I To put oneself in the service of the universal self. This is a path that Tends towards the values of spirituality, culture and art, which Other are not that transpersonal ways to liberate mankind from the laces Of Illusion.

Mythological references

The Number 9 represents the return from the multiple to the unit, the consummation of a cycle, which marks the transposition on a new plane. As a last Contains in itself the twofold concept of beginning and end, death and Renaissance. In its alchemic meaning of return to the Matrix, the 9 Symbolizes opera to black, the phase of dissolution preceding the New birth. Liberation from the constraints of the previous form, Allows you to access a new level of existence, in the same way In which an exit follows an entrance. All the great theologies are Inspire this conception of return to one; We find this Metaphysics model in Neoplatonic philosophy, in the Treaties of San Thomas Aquinas and in Hermetic thought.

Are Traces of this philosophy also in the Orphism, which was one of the Main Greek mysteries, flowered mainly in Crete and in the Magna Greece, around the VI/V century B.C. This cult derives its name from the The legendary personality of Orpheus, who was a poet, Cantor, philosopher, Theologian. Son of Muse Calliope and Eagro, Orpheus is the musician Inspired that with the sublime sound of his Cetra, placa the forces of the Nature and sickle the plants, the fairs, the men and the gods. Trait D’union among the figures of Dionysus and Christ, Orpheus embodies a powerful Force of redemption which knows a particular fortune in the epoch of the Romance. In his descent to the underworld to liberate the beloved Euridice, Orpheus is the magician who depicts the universal weeping, the Liberator capable of transfiguring nature through suffering. Victor Hugo gathers in the figure of Orpheus all aspects of the poet: Inspiration, purity, sublime love, sacrifice.

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