“I trust my intuitions”

With the two, the concept of duality, of division, appears. The two was born from the one and formed with him a binary system. These two poles stand out like this:

Yin and Yang
  • The Yang male pole represented by the one;
  • The female Yin pole represented by the two.

The reign of the number two is the imagination, the dream; Their way of acting is indirect and their decisions pass through the area of feelings and this makes them more evanescent, more sensitive.

The two approaches life with its profound subjectivity, seeks itself, oscillates between openness and closure, between the need to donate and that of receiving, between stability and change.

He Remains true to its cycles, to its inner tides, its sea is Influenced by the moon representing the mother goddess, Isis, Hecate. It expresses a great need to be reassured, a great need for the Other.

The significance of number 2 in numerology


In Numerology, the number 2 is called “The Great Mother”, or “Nurse”. The two has feminine connotations as it is associated with the creation, the birth, the descent of the breath of the spirit in the matter.

It is also part of the group of numbers that form the mental energy. As the expression of “gestation”, this number testifies to the conception of the embryo, whether it is a unborn child, an idea, an intentional act or an evolutionary process. The number 2 is also combined with the “lunar dualism”, the two expressions of the feminine side Isis and Hecate, “The Goddess of Black face”.

ISIS, the luminous lunar power, the force of nature, the cycles, the tides, the water of life. And then Hecate, the dark part, the strength of the bowels of the Earth. In the past a negative connotation has been attributed to this particular definition. The dark side of Hecate, in the feminine, is certainly not synonymous with negative or malefic. These are intuitive qualities of the purely feminine unconscious that, because of their power characteristics, have always aroused fear and created feelings of control by society and, above all, in religious institutions.

Let’s not forget the witch hunt in the dark Middle Ages when every talent, in a woman, was seen as the work of the devil!

In fact, the intuitive force, the mental power, the telluric energies of the menstrual cycle, are powerful channels that put the woman in communication with herself and with the forces of nature, since she receives and manifests the laws, more than any ot
her Living being.

The two, therefore, expresses receptivity, harmony, great sensibility and imagination. In Kabbalah, the two is associated with the second.) ב (Letter of the Hebrew alphabet:
Beit Its esoteric meaning is “mouth” (in the sense of nourishment-suckler) and “house” (hearth, family).

This particular includes how the number 2 is considered the expression of the woman as a mother, how she matches the quality of cooperation and balance.

The power of female energy, nurtures, cures, protects and sustains; At the same time it grows and increases itself as it gives.

Archetype: the child

Key words: Sensibility, emotion, duality, listening, cooperation, patience, sweetness, receptivity, intimacy, dependence, imagination.

Destiny 2

“I believe in my insights”

The Myth of the child active in the individual the qualities typically feminine of listening, receptivity and empathy. It is necessary to integrate Quality of humility and patience, while realizing that pleasing the Desires of neighbor, does not mean to undo oneself.


The Archetype Of the child, who represents the Primeva innocence, is related to the myth Of paradise that more than a place symbolizes a state of consciousness.

The Hebrew letter “Bet”, which according to Guematria corresponds to the number 2, in addition to meaning “woman” and “home”, is the archetype of the creation (the “House” of God). The concept of duality is already inherent in creation and As the Tao says “the one produces the two” and the Universal Adam splits In Adam and Eve.

The Soul In the Kabbalist conception it has two complementary aspects: Nefesh Elokit (The Divine Soul) and the Nefesh Behemit (the Animal Soul), That in their polar dynamism have the task of “correcting” the Creating.

In the kabalistic conception, God created the world so that man could rectify it, bring it to fruition.

The Fall or “loss of innocence” metaphorically describes the Human condition, in which the eternal conflict of opposites pushes Man to seek a point of equilibrium, laying on a level Always superior, finally leads to enlightenment.

The Spiritual proof of the child, consists precisely in finding The original innocence, having learned through experience to mediate Between blind faith and total pessimism.

The Myth of Adam and Eve in its polar symbolism, also describes the Cabalistic conception of the soul mate. The soul, at the moment when he Origin, manifested itself divided into two halves, and incarnate in two bodies Different. According to this vision the man and woman are condemned to Rejoin until they find their complementary part of blood. At a time when the alchemy of the two found essences took place, Each of the two halves can realize its full potential.

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