“I’m Safe”

The Four is manifested with angular traits, from rigid and dry segments. At the bottom, it seems to be a kind of cross. This The cross expresses the restrictions it will face and the efforts it will be needed to transmute the obstacles of the route on this Ground, the concrete proofs on the path.

This In order to refine the insights and advance the best towards the light. If on the one hand this digging it brakes, on the other it does not prevent it from Advancing slowly but relentlessly, concentrating much more On the quality of research rather than the amount of Results.

The anchoring to the matter gives him stability and inner strength.

The Number four expresses, therefore, in the first place, our base Material, concrete, well-defined contours, main contingency of our earthly reality.

So The four speaks to us of our human nature, through the four Seasons, the four cardinal points, the four Evangelists, the four Elements (Fire, earth, air, water).

To the Appearance “Static”, the four lays the foundations, the foundation-proof of time for Build solidly. The four has little elasticity in the change, He loves routine, stable things, rules.

The four corresponds to Uranus, Lord of the air who has power to convert what has come to a standstill.

The significance of number 4 in numerology


The four is the number of foundations, of stability, of bases, of the “system”. Is the first square number (22). Associated with the Earth, it is present in the “Quaternary groupings”: The seasons, the Angles, the elements, the cardinal points. It also represents the four doors that the neocyte must pass before entering the temple of life. These four doors are connected to the four elements: fire, Earth, air, water.

This is the path of discovery that man makes to “return home”, that is, to regain possession of himself and his own divine power. Through the experimentation of the characteristics of each element, the human being progresses, reacquires its completeness, recognizes its own charism and evolves.

The fire transmits the strength, the courage, the passion for what important we have to accomplish in our lives.

The earth allows us to place the seeds of our intellect, to plant new expressions of us to germinate them in the shelter of the bad weather of life, to make them grow and bear fruit.

The air corresponds to the vivid intelligence that expresses itself in freedom, while drawing on the millenarian knowledge of the symbols and archetypes, giving us the breath that leads to “comprehension”.

The water, source of life or water of the spirit, is the nourishment without which the seed placed in the dwelling cannot grow: it is the unconditional love through which “everything flourishes”.

In Kabbalah, the four is associated with the fourth letter of the Hebrew alphabet Daleth (דconsumption). Daleth means “door,” yet a correspondence, therefore, on the importance of seeking oneself in all simplicity, sheltered from the influences of ego. To cross the door of our unconscious means to analyse and rectify ourselves, our shortcomings. Recognizing one’s divine nature without being overwhelmed by egocentrism, teaches us to be masters of ourselves.

Archetype: the constructor

Key words: order, stability, organization, seriousness, commitment, work, everyday life, concreteness, physicality, strength, tenacity, respect.

Way of Life 4

“I’m Safe”

The Archetype Of the manufacturer, related to the earth element, focuses the attention On material matters, such as work, home and Economic security. We need to develop a strong project, Clearly defining the resources and time required to lead to The task that has been fixed. The 4 must learn to channel Its energies in a constructive direction, avoiding to stiffen on Preconceived ideas.

Mythological references

Since From ancient times the number 4 was associated with the Terra Madre, the matter Passive, that in antithesis to the sky represents all that is solid, Tangible and concrete. In Greek mythology, Gea or Gaia is the aspect Complementary of chaos, emptiness, the primordial abyss.

In the Theogony of Hesiod we read:

« Before anything else came to Abyss existence (Cháos), then land From the broad flanks, eternal and safe foundation of the Immortals who Occupy the tops of snowy Olympus or the Tartarus from the dark Fog…»

Gea It is the mother Progenor, who with its compact forms represents The organization of the Real, a solid foundation on which to build the universe. Gea and Caos symbolize the primordial forces, two polar opposites That originate from the same creative process. Even after the Creation these powers remain intimately correlated; A part of Chaos is still present in the deep aspect of Gea that represents the Matrix, the clay that shapes the undifferentiated aspects of chaos.

Another Myth related to the symbolism of number 4 is that of Atlas. Son Of the Titan Giapeto and the nymph Climene, Atlas was punished by Zeus for Having fought alongside the Titans in the war against the Gods of Olympus. Forced to sustain forever the heavenly vault over his Shoulders, Atlas made a pact with Hercules, who promised him to support His burden in exchange for the Golden Apples of the garden of the hespery. In the hope of relieving her fatigue Atlas accepted the agreement, but When he delivered the apples to Hercules, these with a deception gave him the Burden, which became the emblem of the load, (the cross) which each He has to bring over his material life.

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