“I Love Myself”

After the dispersion of the five, the six proposes us a new centring. The profane love of five, gives way to feelings and emotions can finally germinate, evolve.

The Six expresses sweetness, tenderness, is a typically feminine number, Communicates harmony, peace and reconciles opposites. Invites a greater Relaxation, to inner serenity.

The Six is centered on one’s own deep vital vibrations; You connect To the fundamental pulsations of the inner world. Is the symbol of sacred love, pure and without expectation. Number of the Awakening and Harmony, the six offers the chance to live serenely the Question of “giving” and “receiving”. Expression of the body, you cast Affection and tenderness of the words, confer to the six, a great Availability. Basically it needs to evolve within a Group, in which he can share without conditions nor blackmail.

Has Need a fertile family environment; is open to all possibility, without calculations a priori and without ulterior motives. Its Intuitions, used as a sixth sense, help him to capture the Messages of his inner guides. The six sucks, thanks to the energies of love to merge with it and transform. Dreams of Overcoming the form, and thanks to a sort of alchemical transmutation, fertilize and Unite the opposites.

He knows he needs the sun of others to germinate and grow.

The Six corresponds to Venus Aphrodite, Isthar, was, important in Ancient Mysteries because it represents the six dimensions of all the bodies. His key words are:

The significance of number 6 in numerology

ARE “The Hexagram”

Number 6 speaks of harmony and profound commitment to relationships of any kind. It represents the meeting of the man with his final choice: the divine or the corruption of the matter. The Pythagorean called him with the hexagram that pointed to the adept, or “he who has not yet chosen.”

Associated with Venus and Isthar, was important in the ancient mysteries Because it represented the six dimensions of all the bodies.

It is considered one of the perfect numbers as it is the result of both multiplication and addition of the triad:

1 times 2 x 3 = 6
1 + 2 + 3 = 6

The number six indicates the psychological need to learn to integrate their ideals, their values, with reality.
Just so, in fact, our existence can be called “balanced” and able to produce a constant evolution.

According to Kabbalah, the six is equivalent to the sixth letter of the Hebrew alphabet: the Vav (ו) which means extension, connection.

This letter also means “hook” to indicate how the connections with our fellows are important.
The Vav, in fact, represents the ability of each of us, to establish lasting and high-level relationships with each other “hooking us” to create, to collaborate on ideas, businesses and projects useful and constructive.

Archetype: The Guardian Angleo

Key words: Love, Justice, truth, beauty, dedication, responsibility, relationship, home, family, Harmony, sociality, friendship, balance, stability.

Way of Life 6

“I Love You”

The relevance to the myth of Eros, whose function is to mediate between the opposites, the 6 must seek harmony and balance, learning to accept people and situations as they are.
The 6th is the path of beauty, love and compassion that urges you to put yourself in the shoes of others, without however cancelling yourself.
The message is to mediate between the aspirations of the soul and the needs of the ego, realizing that it can be given, while respecting its own borders and those of others.

Mythological references

The number 6 as a sum of 3 + 3, embodies in its symbolism the concept of division and reconciliation. It is the number of ambivalences and antagonisms and in its double meaning it can oscillate both towards good and evil.
In the iconography is represented by the intersection of two equilateral triangles and this star is called “Solomon’s Seal” or “David’s shield”. The conjunction of the two inverted triangles depicts the equilibrium of opposites and some researchers have interpreted the right triangle as the divine nature of Christ and the inverted triangle as his human nature. But the delicate balance expressed by this symbol can break and in the Book of Revelation the 666 is quoted as the number of the Antichrist: «… Who has intelligence calculations the number of the Beast: it represents a name of man. And this figure is 666 ‘ (Revelation 13, 17-18)

In Greek myths, Chaos, Earth and Eros (Love), are the triad of powers that They preside over the whole process of cosmogonic organization. Depicted as a winged teenager, armed with bows and arrows, Eros is The element of reconciliation between opposites, the only deity capable of To unite the human being with the other half of himself (the Kindred soul). In the Gnostic writings Eros is the angel of Eden, which placed halfway Road between Light and darkness, inspires souls with the vision of their own Splendor. The ambivalence of God, made of fire and blood, expresses himself In its orderly and chaotic power at the same time. Embodying the Principles of the Earth and the woman, Eros represents the three concepts of pleasure: Marriage, procreation and death, arising as a result Of Adam and Eve’s epulsion from Earthly Paradise.

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