“I allow the forces of the Creator to flow through Me”

Number of psychic and material power, its possibilities are great. His constant commitment, is profuse in the “Centrarsi” correctly, in seeking his “inner axis”, in learning how to manage the conflicts that arise in his own mind, between the domination of reason and that of sensations.

The eight Possesses the virtues of a great stratea who knows how to jump into battle At the right time, overcoming the indecision that blocks and conditions.

This Mastery is the result of his experiences, applied to method and Moral strength. His opinions are clear, pronounced, his intelligence Thin and incisive gaze. In fact, he, judge or Stratea, is Perceived as a solid character, at least outwardly.

The eight, corresponds to Saturn who is an absolutist, an extremist.

Symbol Of a stable perfection that represents the perpetual course Of the universe, it hardly changes one’s life. Its Features are the hardness of lead, the world of silence, the Darkness, the depths of the Earth. His key words are:.

The significance of number 8 in numerology


The meaning of the number 8 is related to the symbol of infinity, to victory, to karma and money understood as energy, the number 8 represents fecundity, prosperity.

Esoterically It is connected to the blinded justice that holds the two scales, the intellect that rises above what is earthly. We find it in sacred architecture, with the octagonal shape. Astrologically bound to Saturn, it embodies the symbol of perfection, the perpetual course of the universe.

The holders of an eight-born, have a challenging task: I am here to transcend the abundance and power, putting them at the service of a higher cause, rather than pursuing it as an end for themselves. Until they have found their balance and have not learned to express their power, they will always be victims of their emotional extremes.

In this path, the spiritual side of existence will be very important; It is to develop this aspect of one’s personality that will be obliged to conform to the mystical side of life.

In Kabbalah, the eight corresponds to the letter Cheit.
Cheit is called the double door. It is the door through which the unborn child comes to light, but it is also the door of the spiritual rebirth of man. In Kabbalah, the eight is the entry into the dimension beyond the time and behold, seen horizontally, it becomes the symbol of the infinity, the Greek lemniscate.

Archetype: the Sovereign

Key words: power, administration, ambition, prestige, concreteness, will, efficiency, business, finances, generosity, understanding, protection. Perseverance, moral strength

Way of Life 8

“I allow the forces of the creator to flow through Me”

The number 8, associated with the archetype of the sovereign, characterizes a lucid and realist individual, who with will and determination is able to materialize his ambitious projects.
Endowed with great psychophysical Energy, it obtains the results by relying on its own forces and is naturally suitable to cover roles of authority.
Motivated to reach a position of Rilevo, he is attracted to everything that symbolizes prestige.

The number 8 is in tune with the laws of the material world and encourages the individual to develop his skills of self-sufficiency, practical sense and organization. To tune with the archetype of the sovereign, it is necessary to accept the reality as it is, assuming responsibility and comparing itself with the dynamics of management and power.
Clarity, self-esteem and determination are the qualities that allow the number 8 to turn its dreams into reality.

Quintessence 8

The Number 8 finds the balance trusting in its ability Coordinating the energies to realize its ambitious Projects. Its challenge is to learn how to keep your feet The Earth, avoiding delegating responsibility to others, asking for In the first person what he needs.

Mythological references

In Greek mythology Zeus embodies the archetype of the sovereign. Lord of Heaven And rain, ruled from above Mount Olympus, whose tops Tempose were concealed by dense clouds.

The Lightning that he throws symbolizes the light of reason, but to the At the same time it also represents the choleric and punitive aspect of God. The His power was already manifested at an early age, when with a stratagem He ousted his father Cronos, who in order not to be dethroned devoured all His children. With the same force he seized the sky and the Earth, asserating to his power all the gods, including his brethren Neptune, Pluto, Vesta, Ceres and Juno. Its dominant character It shines through the various epithets attributed to him: Fulgurante, Lucezio (luminous), Fulminante, Pluvio (bearer of rain), term (protector of Boundaries of rural properties), stator (legislator).

The His symbol was the eagle, which C.G Jung identifies as the emblem Primitive of the father, of manhood and power. When Priam must Ask Achilles to return the corpse of Ettore, invoke The help of Zeus: «Send me your bird, quick messenger, the bird Who is dear to you and who has the supreme strength… And the prudent Zeus Listens to his prayer and immediately launches the eagle, the safest of Birds, the Dark hunter who is called the Black. ” Zeus represents The organizing principle of the world, as well as the institution and Maintaining the rules that ensure the protection of the moral order and Civil. Also called Iuppiter (Father Jupiter) is the emblem of the figure Authority that does not seek dialogue, but “thunders” and according to Mircea Eliade is the archetype of the patriarchal head of the family.

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