“I use words to inspire others”

The three looks like the expression of the union between one and two, as the fruit of this merger. The three needs human relationships, likes to express themselves, be heard, confide.

Is A complete being that possesses, in a marked way, the characteristics Of the One: action, design, creation and communicative aspects, Sensitive, oneiric, artistic of the two.

Not infrequently, there belong to the number three musicians, painters, literati; They possess, in fact, a great personal expansion.

The Three found the balance between the need to manifest performance, Between the action and aggressiveness of the Yang side and the search for Quality, of leaving the grip, of induling herself to her feelings Inner, docility of the Yin side.

The world of three is the world of action, of doing. Moreover, it brings us back to certain “trilogies”:

  • Birth, life, death;
  • Start, duration, end;
  • Past, present, future;
  • Theses, antithesis, synthesis.

The Three corresponds to Jupiter representing the authority, the sense of the Duty led to his utmost expression, conscience, justice And, not least, a brilliant success in the toughest companies.

Numerologically is the ultimate in material and spiritual attainment and is defined “Perfect number” because it allows you to draw the triangle, so dear to the Pythagorean.

Being The emblem of the Trinity, is considered sacred in the expression: life Verbum Lux. Is the vector that gives us a three-dimensional vision, which It stimulates us to open our third eye to access a vision Superior, to capture the subtle messages of the unconscious.

The significance of number 3 in numerology

Given the “perfect number”, as an expression of the Triad or Trinity, the number three is associated with Jupiter representing authority, the sense of duty brought to its fullest expression.
It is the spiritual symbol of the plant that stretches its branches (triforcation) and the Pythagorean considered it sacred because it allows to trace the triangle, perfect figure.

The three, is the product of the union between one, the active substance and the two, the Womb that welcomes creation. We can call it the first Product of thought that multiplies and expands; It encompasses both The concept of union is that of expansion. The three is the son of the father (1) and of the Mother (2), who formed through the generator puff and Can, thus, continue the species.

In the profound meaning of the term “Trinity”, we find many calls to “perfection”. This term should not be interpreted in a literal sense. In fact, it goes well beyond any aesthetic sense, exterior, which could recall. It is, instead, to associate it with the superior qualities of the one, the two and the three.

Perfection is the harmony of the parts, it is the balance of forces. Perfection is “to create”, whatever (thoughts, actions, material expressions), with the strength and righteousness of one, with the grace and fertile welcome of the two and maintain all this in perfect harmony to make it grow and expand.

According to Kabbalah, the three is associated with the third letter of the Hebrew alphabet: Ghimel (ג). The shape of the letter, recalls the figure of a person in the act of running, as if putting his foot forward for the momentum. This is the origin of the movement, it represents the thrust to emerge from oneself, from its own limitations that duality proposes to us continuously (wrong/right, good/bad, positive/negative). Ghimel, the three, is the seat of the will to grow, it is what invites to the activity, to the progress, to the improvement of what we are. We need to get out of our habits, from what limits us and direct us to the true self, to the truest, deepest and most eternal part of ourselves.

The form of Ghimel also represents the expansion and the contracting of the infinite Light, during the process of the creation of the worlds. Remember the contractions and the release in labor of childbirth. Not by chance, to be reborn to ourselves, we must first gather, reflect and then expand our consciousness into a new way, creating our new life.

Archetype: the Jester

Keywords: estroversion, creativity, pleasure, celebration, humor, joy, optimism, communication, originality, seduction.

Way of Life 3

“I use words to inspire others”

The number 3 is the essence of positive thinking; The ability to see the glass half full and to live in the present. This number is always defined by the luckiest, because it represents the gift of faith, which leads to the fulfillment of desires. Who has a journey of life 3, must follow his impulse to express themselves, recovering the ability to play and fun. The 3 was born to share his gifts, inspiring and rejoecting others.

Mythological references

In Pantheon of deities of ancient Greece, Hermes depicts the mediator, The third element that paradoxically synthesizes in its nature the Principles of order and chaos. Son of Zeus and the nymph Maia, Distinguished immediately by his wits and his oratory skills. Also described as MIME, Mage and Elf, its multifaceted character It manifests itself already in childhood. In the Homeric anthems we read that Hermes Newborn, steals the divine flock of his brother Apollo, by force and The cunning of an adult. When Apollo asks him for explanations, Hermes is found to be warm in the cradle, still enveloped in his Bands. To confuse the traces of the robbery Ermes had made proceed the Cows backwards, oblating their footprints with twiets of Myrtle that was tied to the sandals. Despite its obvious Guilt, Hermes with his linguistic stratagems seduces Zeus, who With great burst of laughter he absolves him in the courtroom of the Divine Tribunal. Zeus with this verdict “regularize” the transgression, admitting the Fraudulent language and perjury, the moment it is accompanied By the effectiveness of dialectics.

Despite This affair is worth to Hermes the epithet of “Chief of Thieves”, the God It triumphs in its role as mediator, which placing itself as the third element, It becomes the focus of the synthesis of opposites. Mediating between the Apollinea Rationality of the number 1 and the lunar instincentiality of the number 2 Hermes The role of “cosmic jester”, capable of integrating the manifold Aspects, even discordant, of the human personality.

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