The “BRIDGE” Numbers

Our connections between the name and the date of birth

Here is an immense help from numerology, too often underestimated.

We’re talking about Bridge Numbers or bridge numbers, the keys to bringing conflicting numerical areas into harmony within a map.

Your name and surname in numerology represent the sound, the vibration that describes your interior, your BluePrint.

Your date of birth, on the other hand, represents your relationship with space and time, the perfect planetary alignment that has allowed you to “manifest” yourself in this world.

Often, between the values of the name and surname and those obtained from the date of birth there is an interference, a distance that seems difficult to heal and creates conflict, and then here we come to help “the bridge numbers“, real balancing symbols, that guide us to The fastest resolution of the conflict.

Let us think, for example, of a disharmony between our expression (the talents and skills we bring to the world) and our way of life (the main challenge and our direction of growth) with a practical example:

John has an expression 7, which leads him to be a researcher, a scholar and analytical, and at the same time a journey of life 1, which requires him to get involved completely with his own original ideas and to show his singularity and resourcefulness, coming out “from Herd. “

This situation worries him a little: he is an introspective who hates being the center of attention and is afraid to make mistakes.

The bridge number comes to help John to harmonize these aspects.

It is calculated by subtracting the lesser value (1-the way of life) at the greatest value (in this case the expression 7):

7-1 = 6 

In this case, bridge number 6 suggests to John the fastest way to express and use his dowry of wisdom and knowledge (7 expressions) in a path that forces him to express himself completely and to be a Leader (1). 

Bridge Number 6 tells him that the secret to finding harmony can only be found through service, greater involvement with the community and the family, and through a greater sense of responsibility. It also suggests letting its creativity flow more spontaneously.

For John, the key is to give himself (6), not to force his leadership (path 1), or to close himself in his studies (7).

A simple act of Help, service or volunteering can open the doors for you to become known and appreciate.

The number “bridge” suggests the “Middle Way”, the most balanced way to follow and also the one with less obstacles.

The most important bridges numbers are those that fill the gap between the number of the expression and the number of the way of life, between the number of the soul and that of the personality and those between the number of the soul and the expression.

The number 9 cannot be found because the biggest difference we can find between two Bridge Numbers is 8 (9-1).

Below you will find the meaning of the different bridge numbers, which you can apply to all the values of your numerological mandala!

Bridge number 0

It shows up when we have at least two equal numbers in our chart.

This can be a fortune and reinforce the definition of who we are, or it can “unbalance” too much and create a redundancy, an imbalance to the excess of a particular quality.

Here is the bridge number 0 urges us to keep “balanced” that particular quality or area of life.

Bridge Number 1

It invites you to believe more in yourself and in your originality. Taking the less beaten path and having the courage to expose yourself is what you need to agree on other areas of life. Don’t follow the crowd, BE YOURSELF and your luck will be on your side.

Ask yourself: “Am I ready to put myself in the game and be myself?”

Bridge Number 2

Balance can be found in cooperation and sensitivity. It is appropriate to develop the dowry of diplomacy and listening.

Ask yourself, “Do I accept things as they are and let them run?”

Bridge Number 3

In this case, the balance can come if we learn to melt a little, to laugh more, to give us a little rest and fun. Don’t be too harsh on yourself. Instead, be more spontaneous and creative.

Ask yourself: “How can I express my inner child?”

Bridge Number 4

Time to avoid procrastination. The time is now. We need to develop more attention to detail and commitment to the construction of projects. Nature helps you, and it Brits you.

Ask yourself: “How can I bring I can accomplish this plan?”

Bridge Number 5

The Adventure calls you. Be more open to change. You need to flow more with the events and to let go of the comfort zone. Trust life and its surprises.

Ask yourself: “Am I open to change?”

Bridge Number 6

In general this number invites to serve, the family, the community, the land, without expectations. Don’t be afraid to donate and take responsibility towards your neighbor. And create! Allow your emotions to flow in an artistic way.

Ask yourself: “How can I put myself in the service of my community?”

Bridge number 7

It is an invitation to seek balance in introspection and solitude. One must rediscover his own inner world and draw on his own perennial wisdom. Recommended the study and meditation.

Ask yourself: “How can I get more into myself?”

Bridge number 8

We need to build a healthy relationship with money. Money is not Satan and it is not even everything. This Bridge Number invites you to believe in your power to create and allow you to manifest abundance in a balanced way.

Ask yourself: “How can I create abundance?”

… What about you?

What’s your bridge number?

How can you pacify your relationship between your talents and your growth?

A hug,


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