“I allow myself to Be Loved”

Number From the undisputed symbolism, considered sacred par excellence, the Seven It represents the final trait of the union between the human being and the divine. Link between the Divine trilogy (the Triangle of energies and the Quaternary material (the square of the Earth and the His four forces or elements), represents the universe created in the Seven Days.

Little present to its physical component and to the material contingencies, it also seems not to be able to bloom even at the level of feelings. His reserved and reflective nature brings him closer to developing a profound awareness. His investigations of human nature, push him to mystical research, to meditation, to spiritual paths.

The seven suggests a sort of “initiatory gate” that allows access to a “higher reality”, very often linked to altered states of consciousness. In General This number is difficult to probe. It seems almost immobile and secretive, in tracing its existential loneliness, with its psychic isolation.

Anxious By nature, is frequently subject to doubt but, despite this, His ambition is to answer the fundamental questions of existence.

It is associated with Neptune, Lord of the Seas.

The significance of number 7 in numerology


Connected very often to spirituality, the number 7 has, in reality, many other features such as intuition, the ability to fuse magic and reality, the ability to “realize” the Magic in everyday life.

For the Pythagorean was the number of the cyclic perfection. An expression of Neptune, Lord of the Seas, has many correspondences to his credit: seven are the deadly Sins, Seven seas, musical notes, Days of the week, seven Angels of Revelation, seven Pleiades, seven constellations.

When this number appears in a numerological table, perhaps in several points, it communicates that the subject that holds it, possesses remarkable qualities from the spiritual point of view, charismatic. In the presence of more than seven in the Numerological table, we can affirm with reasonable certainty, to be in the presence of a person endowed with important talents, some of which still to be expressed.

There is a small similarity that is used by the wise, since antiquity, which clearly makes the idea about the nature of the seven.

Imagine a dark cave, where you can see floating in the darkness, a beautiful flower that exudes light for its own inner wisdom and beauty. A beautiful bright flower. This flower remains indoors, hidden, because it has no esteem of its own beauty; He fears to show himself to the light for what he is since he thinks it will cause him pain and rejection. Often the seven have this erroneous conviction on their own account.

Here, in a case of this type, we will have to search through the numerological table, the turning points of the subject to better guide it and support it in integrating all aspects of the personality.

According to Kabbalah, the seven is associated with the letter Zain (ז). This letter means “instrument of war” and signifies the conflictuality inherent in the nature of man. The instrument that is spoken of, is necessary in the spiritual life and must be used to remove all that prevents us from continuing our growth; This tool is courage.

It is the courage, in fact, that allows us to overcome fears, unconscious fears, conditionings. The success, in everything, is beyond fear, beyond fear of failure. Therefore, Zain reminds us to avail ourselves of this instrument which each of us possesses, the courage, to use it at its best, achieving every desire, every goal we have formulated.

Archetype: The Sage

Key words: Wisdom, perfection, magic, spirituality, meditation, silence, analysis, thought, abstraction, isolation, reflection, spirituality, meditation, inner research.

Way of Life 7

“I beg to Be Loved”

The number 7, associated with the archetype of the essay, distinguishes introspective and intellectual people, who love to investigate the mysteries of existence. Always in search of why, 7 is analytical and perfectionist and is very demanding with himself and with others. A lover of peace, he shuns the tumult of life and needs more than anyone else to rest and reflect in solitude.

It is said that in the past, the children who were born under the influence of 7, were led to the temple and initiated to the mysteries of religion, alchemy and esotericism. 7 is the number of knowledge and involves detachment from appearances to seek the truth of the spirit. This path favors evolution, but requires a continuous willingness to grow and improve, which also passes through moments of solitude and introspection.

Mythological references

The 7 is the number which recurs most frequently in the Bible; For example, Seven are the eyes of God, the heavens of angelic orders, the arms Of the candlestick, the days of the week. Symbol of perfection and of Divinity The 7 marks the passage from the known to the Unknown and represents The fulfillment of a cycle. In the seventh day God rests and Distinguishing itself from the creation invites the man to make sacred the Cessation of activity, to celebrate in that silence, the reality Spirit. In Greek mythology, knowledge and wisdom are Identified in the figure of Hermes Trismegisto, which is the fruit of An elaborate synthesis of the Greek god Hermes and the Egyptian Thoth. To Ermete are attributed a series of writings, found in the Middle Ages and Translated by Marsilio Ficino. These texts (Hermetic writings), were Considered very ancient and treated with magic, theology and philosophy.

This Knowledge was circulated exclusively in a narrow elite, formed by Alchemists, natural philosophers, scientists, who were writing in a Language made of symbols and words that only themselves were able To decipher. The Middle Ages was a time when the Hermetic tradition was Regarded as the art directing, Queen of Sciences, in which she spread The Corpus Hermeticum, that is a complex of doctrines that, in the Hellenic age The Alexandrians had compiled, based on the ancient texts Egyptians. In the Corpus Hermeticum stands out above all the alchemic tradition, Which will become the Bible of medieval alchemists and wizards.

The God Thoth, whom the Greeks identified with Hermes, is the inventor of the Writing, magic and alchemy. His symbol was the Caduceos, The sword with two snakes intertwined, symbol of the power to reconcile Between them the opposites.

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