“I am Free”

Placed In the middle of the nine primes, as it is in the middle of the five numbers Yang, the five is an important energy axis.

Corresponds To man, standing between macrocosm and microcosm, connecting the sky To the Earth, the divine to the material. Remember the pentagram, the star a Five-pointed, ancient symbol of protection. The five tips are the Our five senses. Surrounded by a circle, these five points are Presented by the design of the man of Vitruvius.

The picture is of perfect proportions and the quadrature of the circle is represented Precisely by the presence of man as a “coagulating element”. The number Five of us talk about the management of our psychic development, Our impulses and energies, our nervous system. Corresponds to the Need that man has to experience, to “bite the life,” of With the external elements, to face the obstacles with a Hint of irony. The five speaks of the desire to launch the Conquest of the outside world, speaks to us of freedom of movement and Taking the risk. Number of exchange and change, seeks Obinately The salvation outside, when the real problems They are, however, internal. Only after accepting the risk and making the Experience, it can smooth out its own character angles. The Five corresponds to Mercury Messenger of the gods and supporter of the Communicate. The life of those who possess this figure will also be Restless, unstable, dominated by hypersensitivity and, marginally, Even by transgression. Said Pentade, symbolizes the Incarnation of earthly and profane love.

Sensuality, charisma, communication, freedom, change, movement, experience, curiosity, dynamism, vitality, intelligence.

The significance of number 5 in numerology

“The Pentagram”

The general significance of the number five is associated with the act of experimenting, the concrete knowledge of the facts, the change, the “change of state” of a situation.


Its symbols are the kerykeion or Caduceos, the wand with snakes wrapped around the trunk, and winged sandals. His counterpart in Roman mythology is Mercury, Messenger of the gods. Hence, its particular function as facilitator in moving from an emotional, mental and physical state to a new condition.

A symbol of dynamism, intelligence and curiosity, it brings with it the tendency to approach, sometimes even in a dangerous way, to boundary lines, of transgression.

The number five is related to the fifth letter of the Hebrew alphabet Hey (×”), which means intuition, enlightenment. The cabalists, identify three stages for the letter Hey, which are placed on three different levels, successive, on the development of awareness.

The first, the lowest, is Hey and corresponds to a cry of Fear (Ohi!), the first wail of the newborn baby. It is the pain of the soul, which is a part of infinity which, being born, realizes to have taken the limits of the body and to be dependent on the physical needs.

Continuing, we have the second level, the intermediate one, where Hey becomes the expression of a nice surprise (Oh!). And this is the feeling of joy for one’s free and independent life, which is felt when individual talents are realized.
The penalty of birth, is here overcome by happiness and enthusiasm in discovering how beautiful and fertile is present in the world.

Finally, we have the highest level, present in the word Hiné = behold! We come here to understand the Divine presence within our existence. So Hey becomes, on this level, the letter of the inner renaissance.

Number five is the force number of the self-expression. In particular, it refers to the ability to speak (see Mercury, skillful affabulator). And in fact, the physical components corresponding to the ability to speak, are exactly five: tongue, teeth, palate, lips, throat.

Precisely because of the complex interaction between intellect and word, the five suggests to use every kind of inner discipline, in order to “ferry” our personality, from a state of discomfort/dissatisfaction, to the desired state. Only by governing well the communication, the expression of ideas, feelings and facts, it is possible to reach a balanced exchange and to grow.

Way of Life 5

“I am Free”

The myth of the seeker activates in the individual a constant need for emancipation and renewal that directs towards a dynamic and unconventional lifestyle. This type of journey predisposes to experiment with many changes, which aim to develop in the individual qualities of flexibility and openness of mind. In harmony with the myth of Dionysus, the 5 must learn to “feel with the body”, concentrating on the present and giving space to emotions and sexuality.

Mythological references

Complementary To the archetype of the Warrior, who oversees the development of the ego, the Seeker responds to the call of the spirit and embarks on the journey Towards the central mysteries of existence.

The The Seeker’s journey entails the courage to go beyond the borders Of the reality of the ego, to draw on the knowledge that belongs to the Domain of the collective psyche. However, the integration of content Unconscious, is not devoid of dangers and involves the shock and Disorientation, typical of every initiatory experience. Among the “deities Of the crisis “, which preside over the initiation and metamorphosis, Dionysus Represents the metaphor of the splitting of the ego in favor of restoring Of the total consciousness of the spirit.

Tells The myth that Dionysus was born from the union between Zeus and Persephone, the Queen Of the Underworld. The father wanted the child to rule the world, But the Titans with a trick kidnapped him, then dismembered him and devoured him. From the heart of the small, recovered from Athena was born a new Dionysus, The son of Semele. God of wine and vegetation, Dionysus is the Emotional and bodily foundation of existence and we could define the Number 5 As the same archetype of life.

Dionysus Manifests his presence through possession and his followers They seemed to fall into a collective trance. In the Rites Dionisiaci, the orgiastic dimension induced by wine and dances It annulled every social difference and in the ecstatic group were alongside Men, women, slaves and citizens. Contrasting itself with the vision Ordered of Apollo, Dionysus breaks the existing barriers between man and Nature, allowing the irruption of the miraculous in everyday life.

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