Our mission is to show you your CODE, which is yours and only yours.
If You know him, if you respect him and respect you, if you accept his Operation, you find that you have a personal vehicle, your "Merkaba", to travel in the world and between worlds, which we in numerology We called


Within the of this vehicle, which is your personal energy, is life itself to Bring you, to lead you to the place that is your right, where you're worth for What you really are, in your deep. F
or this reason our Intent is to make you make contact with this energy, integrate it and Understanding how to indulge her in everyday choices.

Our approach

Ours is a channeling work, we make channels of information that come from the energy of numbers, ours is an intuitive counseling. Each

consultation is carried out in nature, in order to allow the information to arrive cleanly and not contaminated by mental pro

cesses. We trust our intuition….
To our feeling…

The numerological Mandala

The Numerological Mandala is a tool of growth and personal knowledge, which aims to help you "find yourself" and motivate you towards that six, and not the one you were told to be.

The Numerological Mandala is a true "channeling" that tells of you, of what you are here to express, manifest and concretize.

Piecing together the pieces of what we are, the numerological Mandala is a real homecoming, to your true nature. Contents. And then even the whole universe can recognize and support you in your evolution. This is the first step. But the choice is yours, to put this intent, and to free you from the not if ': from all that you have acquired and that does not really belong to you. On this page, we want to dedicate a small part of us, our adventures, our discoveries, on this long journey around the world and between the inner worlds of being.

We decided that we would dedicate our lives in search of that lost harmony, which fortunately we can still find and learn from Mother Nature.

We are convinced that each of us can find his place in this order ("Cosmos"), if only one recognizes…. Do you want it? We ar
e convinced that the work on the soul, is the most beautiful, rewarding and profitable that you can do. Are y
ou ready to let yourself transform and drive…. Inside yourself?

Namaste '!