"I Numbers are energy, man is energy, events develop energy; Learning to interpret reality through numbers, we can Improve our awareness of human beings "

Numerology is a discipline that studies the symbolic significance of numbers, of which the major and most well-known promulgator was Pythagoras. The Greek philosopher of the SIXTH century B.C. He believed that everything was number and that the essence of reality was mathematical in nature.

In this perspective the universe is not at all chaotic but ordered according to a precise design that can be codifiable through the interpretation of numbers, comparable in some sense to modern atoms.

In fact if everything is number inevitably matter is in turn made of numbers and we ourselves would therefore be an orderly set of numbers.


That the numbers were considered "divine" also proves the fame of the Golden section of Fibonacci (mathematician born in Pisa in 1170), irrational number corresponding to 1.61803… That represents a relationship between variables traceable a little ' everywhere: just think of the pyramid of Cheops but also to countless works of art, where the famous proportion was often used in the representation of the horizon, to have a surrender to go to a better place.

The artist who perhaps made a major appeal was Leonardo Da Vinci, starting with his "Vitruvian Man", whose belly button divided the man in a golden way. The same number is then found in nature, for example in the spirals of sunflower seeds, in the petals of some flowers and so on. Demonstrating the importance of numbers in the universe.


Not only that, the numbers identify, as underlined by the psychoanalyst Carl Gustav Jung, the archetypes, or universal symbols with particular energetic values and an active role within the so-called unity.

In a nutshell they are not simple arithmetic quantities, but they correspond to specific symbols, if not even, as Pythagoras argued, to sounds, letters and planets, determining the rhythm of the universe.

The number would therefore not belong to the physical plan but to the spiritual one and would depend on all its laws of construction and evolution.
It would also have specific qualities that depend on its placement in nature. In addition to Pythagoras and Jung, Saint Augustine also became interested in the numbers, calling them "the universal language offered by divinity to humans as a reconfirmation of the truth."


Finally, one cannot ignore the importance of numerology in the Hebrew Kabbalah, literally "the doctrine received", or the mystical and spiritual wisdom contained in the Hebrew Bible, the Torah.

The Cabal associates with each name a number and each number is in turn associated with a metaphysical meaning. According to the cabalists, the sounds of names, so the only pronouns, would suffice to emanate certain vibrations in our spirit, capable of provoking supernatural events and attracting positive or negative energy.


And here we understand why Numerology considers valuable numbers tools to investigate reality. This discipline identifies correspondences between numbers and different aspects of life, both in the macrocosm and in the microcosm.

In the light of these statements and the studies carried out by all these researchers, mathematicians, religious, one senses how numerology is not then a discipline so abstract or vulgar, rather a valuable tool, potentially able to decipher the Profound mechanisms of the universe and of Man himself, as part of the universe.

Obviously Since it is not a scientific discipline, the interpretations of Those who deal with it may not necessarily correspond to the true, Why ever as in this case are the preparation and intuition to Make a difference. Believe it or not, what we can do to To unravel in this variegated and fascinating world is to learn At least the basics, starting from the most accredited symbolic meanings of the numbers themselves.


The numerological mandala is a diagram that forme to convert name, surname and date of birth into numbers. Through the interpretation of the results you can identify your strengths and weaknesses, and even predict the most important events of our lives. It is therefore a real numerological map, similar to the Christmas theme of astrology, very useful to learn to know us better. Numerological analyses take into consideration any existential field: from work to love, from family to health, giving us important indications on how to act at certain times, on how to overcome certain blocks or on which road to undertake.

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