The basic numbers

Here are the main symbologies of the numbers from 1 to 9.

Number 1

At the archetypal level, the number 1 represents the origin of all things, the unity of creation, thus carrying new things, new beginnings, new ideas. Since it is a number associated with the creative principle, in astrology it corresponds to the sun.

Number 2

It represents the great mother and is therefore a female number, associated as it is at birth, gestation, conception. But being double it has a dual face, the luminous side of Isis and the dark one of Hecate. It expresses receptivity, imagination, sensibility.

Number 3:

Number of the Trinity, as such considered perfect. It is the product of the union between the one, the creator principle, and the two, the welcoming womb. It symbolizes the harmony of the parties, the equilibrium but also the origin of the movement, of the ability to reconcile opposites.

Number 4

Associated with the Earth is the number of stability, concreteness and is also associated with the 4 doors that we must cross to gain access to inner knowledge, in turn associated with the 4 elements, fire, air, earth and water. We have to go through the forces of the 4 elements to rediscover ourselves.

Number 5

It represents experimentation but also communication, as it is associated with the god Mercury. It symbolizes the dynamism, the curiosity but also the transgression because it makes us inclined to try new things, to move us in unknown territories.

Number 6

Symbolizes harmony and psychologically indicates the need to learn to integrate into oneself their ideals so as to make our life balanced.

Number 7

The Pythagorean considered it the number of the cyclic perfecti
on. It is also associated with spirituality, intuition, and the ability to reconcile magic and reality. People with a number 7 who often return to the numerological table usually possess important, sometimes unexpressed, talents.

Number 8

It symbolizes infinity, perfection, victory but also individuals who must learn to use abundance and power for non-selfish purposes, pursuing inner balance to avoid being victims of their emotional extremes. The Otto also corresponds to the "double door", intended as a gateway to earthly and spiritual life.


Number 9

Symbolizes Hecate as well as the descent of energy into matter. It identifies wise people, real guides whose challenge is to achieve this wisdom through the elaboration of their emotions. It's also called the truth number.