About Us

There are people who think that dreams are just dreams, that they believe more in the rules made by others than to themselves.

But for the two of us the inner voice has always screamed louder than the exterior buzz.

We like to call that inspirational voice.

And When, on the road, you find someone just as out to give them patterns, Who hears things as you feel, your life can only change Completely.

In That point the possible roads are two: You can go back years, To the life of all time and fight to get back into those old patterns. Or, you can trust that wind, the direction it blows and See where it takes you.

We have chosen to accept what we have become and to put ourselves in the game.

We chose to be brought in by the wind.

The meeting in Australia

Mount Uluru in Australia, place sacred to the Aborigines.

This project was born from a meeting in front of the fire in a small country house in New South Wales, Australia.

Was An evening like so many after work in the big farm of Blueberries. The week had left us tired and dehydrated.

Unexpectedly, the sky had filled with dark clouds and had begun to pour incessantly.

At that time, I lived in this beautiful country house, often visited by parrots and kangaroos.

But Not all of my co-workers had been fortunate enough to find A place to rent, in that remote region of Australia.

Many of them, in fact, lived at the river, camped in tents.

Was A life experience. And who was there was said to be delighted of the baths at the River after work and cooking outdoors, along with all the Other.

But the time that night left no escape. For sure the whole camp had been evacuated.

I thought of those poor little ones without a roof… And I invited them home, to eat a hot bite.

Among them, was Federica.

That Evening, this group of Italians, all fled from the motherland to the Pursuit of Fortune, was cramed into our parlour.

Never would have thought that our conversation could end there, talking, all together of numerology.

In A flash, we ended up talking about these numbers of destiny, Of their esoteric significance, of their function in guiding us towards Our mission.

We were talking about the respective codes, helping us to interpret them… We identified the potential and challenges of each of us.

In Those moments of profound sharing, we discovered that we were all in Journey in search of something greater, of a true freedom, than It could only come from the spirit…..

How was it born numerologically?

Numerologically It was born as a game, a spontaneous game and yet extremely serious, like what a child would do.

We left everything we had: Italy, work, career, relationships of a lifetime and securities.

We bet on the soul and its very strong call to freedom.. An inner freedom: the freedom to be.

Numerology was our first lighthouse on this journey to the soul. He took us from Australia to India, through Asia, and again to India, for several years, in a process of gradual "deconditioning", which left us…. Quite different from how we're playing (and not just in the look)!

Port Arthur, Tasmania, February 2016

In this journey, we have plunged into the study of the most diverse disciplines, from the magic of flowers to flower therapy, to Psych K for the transformation of limiting beliefs, through Ayurveda, which has taught us the laws of living according to nature, up To Donna Eden's energetic medicine. We have been working in the open air, in Australia's farms, and offering our consults, from Myanmar to Kathmandu, from the small island of Tasmania to the Himalayan town of Dharamsala.

From all these unique experiences of research and life, our project of the "Numerological Mandala" was born, an instrument of growth and personal knowledge, which aims to help "find you" and to motivate you towards that six, and not the one that you were told to be.

The Numerological Mandala is a true "channeling" that tells of you, of what you are here to express, manifest and concretize.

Piecing together the pieces of what we are, the numerological Mandala is a real homecoming, to your true nature.

Contents! And then even the whole universe can recognize and support you in your evolution.
This is the first step.
But the choice is yours, to put this intent, and to free you from the not if ': from all that you have acquired and that does not really belong to you.

On this page, we want to dedicate a small part of us, our adventures, our discoveries, on this long journey around the world and between the inner worlds of being.

We decided that we would dedicate our lives in search of that lost harmony, which fortunately we can still find and learn from Mother Nature.

We are convinced that each of us can find his place in this order ("Cosmos"), if only one recognizes…. Do you want it? We ar

e convinced that the work on the soul, is the most beautiful, rewarding and profitable that you can do. Are y
ou ready to let yourself transform and drive…. Inside yourself? N

amaste '
Federica & Valentina

Michelle Faith


9 Walk and 11 of soul, if I see myself years ago I wonder what would have become of me without numerology. I had reached the "success", but this was not enough for me anymore and thanks to an unexpected event related to my health I had the strength to leave everything I had and leave.

I traveled far and wide in search of myself, numerology led me to my truth.

I discovered to be a dreamer, idealistic, to perceive the truth through images and symbols. Now I use numerology to understand the person in its entirety and Especially to understand what are the limiting beliefs that can Be transformed to lead to greater awareness.

Contact: federicaguareri@gmail.com

Erica Val


I am a sceptical investigator, a Destiny Number 11, Rootless Dreamer, with an innate tendency to research and discover.

I have won the fear of making mistakes: I must try to believe.

Devoted to the inspirations of the spirit, journey around the world for 8 years, fueled by the love for the ancient sciences, every country that I discover has one to show me: Ayurveda, numerology and Floriterapia are some of the passions that I cultivate in my travels.

Contact: Ifioridellaterra@gmail.com